Reimagine In-furrow Application

The SIMPAS® application system and SIMPAS-applied Solutions™ (SAS™) are the next evolution in prescriptive application, using agronomic analyses from a variety of data sources to develop prescriptions that are precisely and variably applied in-furrow at planting. The SIMPAS system also utilizes patented hardware and an intuitive ISO-based user interface to create a closed delivery system that maximizes ROI and improves sustainability.

  • NematicideNematicide
  • InsecticideInsecticide
  • FungicideFungicide
  • MicronutrientsMicronutrients
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“The opportunities are endless. I can foresee dozens of products being applied this way. I really think SIMPAS is going to change the way we producers look at in-furrow application.”

Jason Orr, Orr Farms

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Work with your trusted advisor to develop prescriptions that address targeted agronomic needs.


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