Introducing SIMPAS™

Smart Integrated Multi-Product Prescription Application System (SIMPAS) will enable farmers to prescriptively apply multiple products in one simple pass.


Designed to be used with both liquid and dry products, farmers can apply fungicides, nematicides and micronutrients in furrow, at the same time and to only those parts of the field needing them.


It’s the game-changing, next-generation advantage farmers will need for better precision, better efficiency and better results.




Learn more about SIMPAS

SIMPAS 2021 Commercial Equipment Overview

Take a virtual tour of the SIMPAS equipment, available for sale through Trimble dealers in 2021. Learn about key features and benefits while also seeing pre-commercial systems in the field from 2020.

SIMPAS CropLife Webinar April 2020

Listen to what Amy Amsus had to say about SIMPAS at the CropLife State of the Industry 2020 Seminar.

SIMPAS: The Future of Farming is Near

Overview of the three key SIMPAS stages – Prescribe, Apply, & Return (February 2019):

Commodity Classic 2020 - SIMPAS Pit Swap

SIMPAS developed an interactive game named "Pit Swap" for our booth at Commodity Classic 2020 to demonstrate just how easy it is to change out SmartCartridge containers.

SIMPAS: Prescriptively Target Field Problems

SIMPAS background and rationale with computer-generated animation of early prototype (2017):

Advancements in Ag

In-depth overview of SIMPAS and current SIMPAS equipment highlighted on the Advancements in Ag TV program with Ted Danson (October 2019):

Frequently Asked Questions

What is SIMPAS?

SIMPAS is the next generation of precision, prescriptive, in-furrow application equipment. Dispensing product from containers that utilize SmartCartridge™ technology, SIMPAS enables farmers to prescriptively apply multiple products in one simple pass. It can be used with both liquid and dry products, and will be broadly licensed and used to apply insecticides, fungicides, nematicides and micronutrients at the same time, to only those parts of the field needing them.

How Does SIMPAS Work?

In alignment with the prescriptions developed by agronomists for each farmer’s field, SIMPAS software controls the application rate of each product (nematicide, fungicide or micronutrients) through a metering system – similar to a printer’s inkjet cartridge – only applying what you need, where you need it.

What testing has been done with the SIMPAS system?

In 2017 and 2018, prototype SIMPAS systems planted more than 10,000 acres of corn with excellent results. Additional testing is scheduled through 2020.

What is SmartCartridge™ technology?

Self-contained, closed-delivery SmartCartridge containers use RFID tags to track product and rate information to continuously record the quantity of product dispensed and remaining in the container. This technology will also allow a farmer to receive an auto-credit for unused product.

Can SIMPAS only be used with AMVAC Products?

While SIMPAS and SmartCartridge technology have been developed and patented by AMVAC, SmartCartridge technology will be broadly licensed to additional product manufacturers.

When will SIMPAS be available?

SIMPAS will be available in 2021.

How will SIMPAS be distributed?

AMVAC and Trimble are working together in anticipation of SIMPAS equipment being sold, serviced, and supported by Trimble dealers throughout the USA, North America, and globally.

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