SmartBox+™A SIMPAS® Technology

The SmartBox+™ application system allows you to own the furrow with precise application of granular inputs at-planting.

Accurate Down to the Granule

SmartBox+™ application system contains both metering and flow-sensing functions that ensure accurate application of SmartBox® inputs at a wide range of rates and speeds. With patented, state-of-the-art inclined brush auger meters, SmartBox+ equipment will put your mind at ease, knowing you’re applying exactly what you need, precisely where you need it — and you have the ability to generate as-applied maps to document applications through the monitor task control.


As one of the most advanced closed delivery systems available, the SmartBox+ application system will allow you to increase operational efficiencies and reap the following benefits:

  • Closed delivery system reduces worker exposure

  • Consistent and uniform application of prescriptive or whole field treatment

  • Reduced waste

  • Increased productivity

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How It Works

The SmartBox+ application system uses SmartBox® containers to apply a variety of products accurately. The improved brush auger meters and the intuitive ISO-based user interface of the SmartBox+ system maintain a closed delivery system to protect farmers and the environment.

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SmartBox+ Equipment Works with any Planter

The SmartBox+ application system is as versatile as it is effective. No matter which planter you use — from Case IH® to John Deere® to Great Plains® to Kinze® to White™ — there’s a bracket to fit it.

Powered by SIMPAS® Technology

Farmers have more options and control with SmartBox+. Apply labeled rates of granular at-plant inputs precisely to every acre, or apply them prescriptively using SIMPAS technology to treat spatially distinct problem areas. Agronomists develop pressure-specific prescriptions using a variety of factors (e.g., soil sampling, historical yield data, elevation, etc.) that are easily uploaded into the ISO-based SmartBox+ control display. Once uploaded, the system takes care of the rest, automatically dispensing the prescribed rate at geo-specific locations in each field.

Sleek and Precise

The SmartBox+ system uses a full-color touchscreen display with industry standard ISO connections and a USB port for easy data transfer. Swath control comes standard, removing the guesswork associated with row shutoffs. The user-friendly, intuitive menu allows you to set rates by individual row and is compatible with 12V and 24V.

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