SIMPAS-applied Solutions™Turn Yield Barriers Into Profit Potential

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SIMPAS-applied Solutions™ (SaS™) are prescriptively applied in-furrow at planting, with patented SmartCartridge® container technology. You can address multiple agronomic needs with our broad range of products, including fungicides, IDC treatment, insecticides, nutrients, nematicides and soil health products.

The SIMPAS® application system applies up to 3 SaS products – liquid or granular – in one simple pass.

The closed delivery system creates faster, safer handling by simply swapping out containers during planned stops and eliminating opening, pouring and mixing.

SmartCartridge containers are equipped with an RFID-enabled Smart Tag™ that automatically tracks and displays product levels with real-time in-cab monitoring and reporting, ensuring you pay only for as-applied product. You no longer need to worry about running containers to empty.

Turn yield barriers into profit potential by applying only what’s prescribed, precisely where it’s needed.

Prescriptive Technology

SIMPAS-applied Solutions are applied based on an agronomic prescription to spatially distinct probem areas in each field. Issue-specific prescriptions are developed by your retailer, agronomist or trusted advisor using a variety of factors such as sampling, sensing, historical yield data, elevation and topography. The prescription is then easily uploaded to the SIMPAS controller.

See the value in prescriptively applying multiple products in-furrow simultaneously with our helpful calculator.

Multiple Categories and Brands

The SIMPAS-applied Solutions system is broadly licensed to accommodate application of multiple product categories and brands.

Our portfolio continually expands to deliver a wider variety of granular and liquid inputs for various crops, like corn, soybeans, cotton, peanuts and more, transforming the way you treat management zones and maximizing your yield potential.

Work with your crop inputs retailer to identify specific yield barriers and determine which SIMPAS-applied Solutions are the most effective for targeted treatment.

  • Many biostimulants don’t fit seed treatment applications because of volume requirements, shelf-life stability or incompatibility with other components on the seed. SIMPAS-applied Solutions provide accurate placement of biostimulants in‑furrow.

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  • Early-season outbreaks of pathogens can cause a reduction in yield potential, but in-furrow application of fungicides fights those stressors. It is difficult to predict when you will experience either cold, wet conditions or warm, wet conditions at or immediately after planting, but the areas that tend to develop disease pressures first are low-lying areas where water can pond or heavy soils where water retention is higher. SIMPAS-applied Solutions can be applied prescriptively to low-lying or high-yielding areas to combat soilborne diseases.

    Ridomil Gold® GR is a granular fungicide that provides systemic control of the soilborne diseases Phytophthora and Pythium in high-risk zones for soybeans, cotton and peanuts.

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  • Iron deficiency chlorosis (IDC) is common in low-lying areas of a field where soil bicarbonate content and soil pH levels are high. If your soybeans have suffered from IDC, then you likely have those areas GPS mapped after observing yellow, stunted soybeans and reduced yield. Treat only acres with a history of IDC instead of the entire field with SIMPAS-applied Solutions.

    MicroSync® IRON IDC is a granular fertilizer that increases the iron available to crops, specifically with a focus on soybeans grown in areas with high pH and a history of iron deficiency chlorosis (IDC).

  • SIMPAS-applied Solutions inoculants are applied in-furrow in the zones in the field where they provide the most benefit. For example, low-lying areas or zones where water has ponded will likely benefit more from inoculants than areas where conditions are optimal.

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  • Traits aren’t performing as well as they used to. Ensure you have the protection you need by applying a soil insecticide in higher rootworm pressure environments and in fields with a history of seed-attacking insects. The SIMPAS-applied Solutions portfolio can be applied whole field, or you can treat specific zones.

    Highly concentrated granular insecticide that provides broad-spectrum control of corn rootworms and other seed- and seedling-attacking insects. AZTEC® HC applied to traits has consistently demonstrated better rootworm control than traits alone.

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    COUNTER® 20G has systemic activity that provides protection against corn rootworm while also protecting against nematodes.

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    Force® 10G HL corn soil insecticide provides broad-spectrum control of corn rootworm larvae and other seed- and seedling-attacking insects. Broadly labeled in all corn-growing areas.

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    SMARTCHOICE® HC Higher Concentration Granules insecticide has dual modes of action to control grub species, corn rootworm larvae, and seed- and seedling-attacking insects in a broad range of soil types and geographies.

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    Thimet 20-G® insecticide offers systemic control of early-season insects, including thrips. And it’s the only insecticide that provides suppression of tomato spotted wilt virus in peanuts. Thimet 20-G is also registered for suppression of soybean gall midge.

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  • Applying micronutrients at planting helps deliver nutritional needs for optimum plant growth potential. Micronutrient deficiencies vary across a field; SIMPAS-applied Solutions can be applied at the exact rate you need, precisely where you need it.

    MicroSync Pro® MINI, a combination micronutrient granular formulation, improves soil fertility programs, provides a precise balance of critical nutrients and is formulated to prevent or correct deficiencies of boron, manganese, sulfur or zinc.

    ZINC is an essential micronutrient for optimizing corn yield and performance. SIMPAS-applied Solutions enable optimal rate application by management zone.

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  • Most plant-parasitic nematode damage in corn occurs in hotspots rather than across the whole field. Prescriptive application of SIMPAS-applied Solutions enables efficient and precise treatment of these hotspots. Apply the nematicide where you get the most benefit.

    A proven solution for maximizing nematode control and improving yield results in corn. Target the zones where nematodes have created yield challenges.

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  • Biologicals create a highly productive microbial community when applied to the soil, assisting in nutrient uptake and improving fertilizer efficiency. They free up nutrients bound to soil particles, so they become more available for root uptake to boost plant access to and absorption of available nutrients. SIMPAS-applied Solutions enable whole field, variable rate or zone-specific application of biologicals to promote soil health in areas with the most to gain from soil health management.

    iNvigorate® creates highly productive microbial communities that support nutrient uptake, fertilizer efficiency and root growth when applied to the soil.