SIMPAS® Application System

Take a virtual tour of SIMPAS equipment to see how it applies only what's prescribed, precisely where it's needed.

SIMPAS application system, John Deere planter, SmartCartridges


The game-changing technology of the SIMPAS® application system will transform the way you plant with the following:

  • Prescriptive, in-furrow application of multiple crop inputs

  • Up to 3 liquid or granular products delivered simultaneously

  • Closed delivery system reduces worker exposure

  • Adaptability across multiple planter brands and models

  • Compatibility with ISO-based displays

  • RFID-enabled Smart Tag™ technology, which provides automated record keeping

Learn how SIMPAS-applied Solutions™ Can Save You Money and Increase Yield

How It Works

SIMPAS is the next evolution in precision agriculture, allowing farmers to prescriptively apply up to three SIMPAS-applied Solutions™ (SaS™) in-furrow at the same time while planting. With SIMPAS, you pay only for as-applied product, so you can profitably and sustainably address pressure areas that would otherwise go untreated.

SIMPAS also supports environmental stewardship with precise product application, fewer inputs per field, reduced worker exposure and forensic-quality traceability.

SIMPAS application system, SmartCartridges, John Deere row unit, 3D

Easy to Use

The SIMPAS software and user interface are designed so any ISO-based display with the appropriate capabilities can be used to control the system. The user-friendly, intuitive menu allows you to set rates by individual row or row groups to maximize prescriptive efficiencies. Additionally, a variety of brackets enable the SIMPAS system to be easily installed on a wide range of planter brands and row unit types.
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SmartCartridge® Container Technology

Our patented SmartCartridge® container technology delivers multiple SIMPAS-applied Solutions™ — granular or liquid — at the same time, with each container holding approximately 20 to 25 pounds of granular product or approximately 2.5 gallons of a liquid product. Each cartridge is equipped with an RFID-enabled Smart Tag™ that captures and transmits vital information from fill to the field and back — and at every stop along the way. Smart Tags also ensure each SmartCartridge is in the appropriate slot on the SIMPAS unit.

After planting, simply return all the cartridges — regardless of how much product remains — to your retailer and pay only for the product used.
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Patented Closed Delivery System

SIMPAS equipment paired with SmartCartridge container technology creates a closed delivery system for faster handling and reduced exposure, with locking mechanisms that ensure containers cannot be removed while the valves are open. SmartCartridge containers are designed to ensure product flows only when they are secured and locked in place with the SIMPAS hardware. This closed delivery system reduces worker exposure and allows for containers to be easily placed or switched when stopping for seed, fuel or other planned stops, thereby increasing planting efficiency.

Powered by ULTIMUS™

ULTIMUS™ technology works with onboard RFID hardware in the SIMPAS system to provide forensic quality chain-of-custody traceability for all SIMPAS-applied Solutions. Data is written onto an RFID-based Smart Tag at each key stage of the value chain, from SmartCartridge container filling, throughout the distribution channel, during application and then through the return process post-planting.

Carbon Credit Capabilities

The SIMPAS system can apply products such as nitrogen-fixing solutions that replace a portion of manufactured nitrogen to lower the high carbon footprint associated with manufactured nitrogen products. ULTIMUS auto records the precise amount of carbon credit eligible products applied to enable verification for accurate tracking if you choose to enter the carbon credit market.

Ready to Change the Way You Plant?

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