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    What is the SIMPAS® application system?
    SIMPAS® (Smart Integrated Multi-product Prescription Application System) is the next generation of precision, prescriptive, in-furrow application equipment. Dispensing products from SmartCartridge® containers, SIMPAS enables farmers to prescriptively apply multiple liquid and granular products simultaneously at planting. It will be broadly licensed and used to apply a wide variety of product categories, including insecticides, nematicides, micronutrients and biological products, allowing farmers to apply only what's prescribed, precisely where it's needed.
    How does SIMPAS work?
    In alignment with the prescriptions developed by trusted advisors for each farmer’s field, SIMPAS software controls the application rate of each product through a patented metering system — similar to a printer’s inkjet cartridge — only applying what you need, where you need it.Explore Equipment
    What is SmartCartridge® container technology?
    Self-contained, closed delivery SmartCartridge® containers use RFID-based Smart Tag™ technology to track product and rate information to continuously record the quantity of product dispensed and remaining in the container. This technology enables farmers to pay only for as-applied products and allows farmers to switch containers when it is most convenient (during stops to refill fuel, seed, fertilizer), rather than running each container to empty.Explore Equipment
    Will SIMPAS work on all planters?
    Planter-specific brackets are available to fit almost any brand and model of planter. The intuitive user interface is ISO-based for compatibility with any tractor.Explore Equipment
    How much does SIMPAS equipment cost?
    The system price is determined by the Trimble® Dealer, based on your specific needs. Use our calculator to estimate the corresponding yield increases that will provide a return on your investment in SIMPAS. Estimate Equipment Costs
    How do I get a quote, buy a system and coordinate the installation?
    SIMPAS application systems are sold and serviced by Trimble. Trimble's network of participating dealers works with farmers to provide system-specific quotes and manage the sale, installation and support of the equipment.Find a Dealer

SIMPAS-applied Solutions™

    What are SIMPAS-applied Solutions (SAS™)?
    SIMPAS-applied Solutions™ are proven, reliable crop inputs made available in SmartCartridge® containers for prescriptive, in-furrow applications to address unmet or under-satisfied agronomic needs.
    Who provides the prescription for SIMPAS-applied Solutions?
    Prescriptions for SIMPAS-applied Solutions are developed by your retailer, agronomist or other trusted advisor. The prescription is then easily uploaded into the ISO-based display that controls the SIMPAS system.Explore Solutions
    Can SIMPAS only be used with AMVAC® products?
    While SIMPAS and SmartCartridge container technology has been developed and patented by AMVAC®, the technology will be broadly licensed to additional product manufacturers.Explore Solutions
    How will SIMPAS-applied Solutions be distributed?
    SIMPAS-applied Solutions are sold by crop input retailers.
    Are SIMPAS-applied Solutions products more expensive than standard inputs?
    SIMPAS-applied Solutions provide the most cost-efficient way to maximize your yield. Use our calculator to estimate the annual return from using a SIMPAS-applied Solutions approach vs. a non-prescriptive application. Estimate Your Annual Return From Prescription Application

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